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Lee Crandall Park, M.D.
Veritas, Vos, Liberabit
(The truth shall make you free)
— motto of Johns Hopkins University

Lux et Veritas
(Light and truth)

— motto of Yale University

Lee Crandall Park, M.D.
Sir William Osler,
Knighted in 1911

Last updated August 2002

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  1. Participation as therapist in Dr. Jerome Frank's study of placebo effect: 1959.
  2. Co-Principal Investigator: Controlled study of the interaction of therapists' personal characteristics and of medication (imipramine, placebo) in the treatment of depression, USPHS Grant M-3741A: l959-1960. (With E.H. Uhlenhuth, M.D.)
  3. Methionine ingestion in schizophrenic patients treated with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, USPHS Grant MH-5521: l96l-l962. (With S.S. Kety, M.D. and R.J. Baldessarini, M.D.)
  4. Principal and Co-Principal Investigator: NIMH-PRB Outpatient Study of Drug-Set Interaction, USPHS Grant MH-04732: 1960 1968. (With E.H. Uhlenhuth, M.D. and L. Covi, M.D.)
  5. Co-Project Director: A controlled Study of Time-Limited Psychotherapy, USPHS Grant MH-16056: l969-1973. (With E. Meyer, M.D.)
  6. Clinical studies of borderline and narcissistic conditions: etiology, characteristics and treatment; Study of long-term effects of childhood emotional abuse, invalidation and neglect; Study of cognitive personality characteristics: 1979-.
  7. Psychiatric Research Network, American Psychiatric Assn: 1994-.


All at Johns Hopkins Hospital and University:
  1. Medical Students, l955-1965; l972-1974, and Psychiatric Residents, l958-1975. Research electives for Students and Residents as listed in School of Medicine Catalog 1964-98.
  2. Director, Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic Outpt. Group & Supportive Therapy Programs, l958-1961.
  3. Co-Director, Medical School Second Year Lecture Course, "Introduction to Psychopathology", with Jerome D. Frank, M.D. and John B. Imboden, M.D., l962-1965.
  4. Director of Seminars, Graduate Nurse Education Program, Henry Phipps Psych. Clinic, 1962-1965.
  5. Psychologists & Mental Hlth. Counselors: Counseling & Psychiat. Service, Homewood Campus, l982-86.


  1. American Psychiatric Association:
    (a)Co-Chairman, Session on Control of Drug Usage, l965 Annual Meeting.
    (b)Secretary, Session on Psychobiological and Pharmacological Studies of Manias and Depressions, 1971 Annual Meeting.
    (c)Reviewer, American Journal of Psychiatry, l978-1994.
    (d) Assembly of the American Psychriatric Assn. (Representative from Maryland), 1983-1993.
    (e) APA Psychiatric Research Network, l994-.
  2. Maryland Foundation for Psychiatry Offices: Board of Directors, 1995-; President, 2000-.
  3. Psychiatric Consultant, College of Notre Dame, Baltimore, l973-l976.
  4. Chairman, Professional Associates Division, l979-1980 and l980-1981 Annual Giving Campaigns, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital.
  5. Class Agent, Annual Giving Program, The Putney School, Putney Vermont, l981-1985.
  6. Listed in American Men and Women of Science, Marquis Who's Who in America, Marquis Who's Who in the World, and ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists.

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