This website contains information on the publications, research, and interests of Lee Crandall Park, M.D. Dr. Park has maintained a private practice for over thirty-five years, specializing in adult and adolescent psychiatry. He is Associate Professor in Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins where he is also on the Honorary Staff in the Department of Medicine. More biographical information and a curricula vitae is available here.

This home page may eventually contain occasional announcements of publications, research and articles added to this site as well as quick notes and thoughts about things I have found interesting on the internet, in the news, or elsewhere. In the meantime, I have begun to place my research online as well as included information on our recent book.

Recent Additions

2/28/2010 — Health Literacy Websites for the Consumer, a list of links to websites for searching symptoms and specific conditions as well as for learning about health literacy, has been added to my website.

2/28/2010 — Updated PDF version of my Curricula Vitae is online. You may download it here while I work on updating the website version.


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