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A collection of published research with full text available on this website. See "About" for complete list of research. Some of these have Acrobat PDF versions available.
  1. Does This Patient Need Psychiatric Referral? Hospital Medicine, September 1994
  2. Giftedness and Psychological Abuse in Borderline Personality Disorder: Their Relevance to Genesis and Treatment, Journal of Personality Disorders, 1992, 6(3), 226-240
    (Click Here to view a poetic and pictoral metaphor for Borderline Personality Disorder)
  3. NonBlind Placebo Trial: An Exploration of Neurotic Patients' Responses to Placebo When Its Inert Content Is Disclosed, Archives of General Psychiatry April 1965, Vol. 12, pp. 336-345.
  4. Personal Intelligence. Chapter 6 of Psychological Mindedness: A Contemporary Understanding. 1997. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. New Jersey.
  5. "Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital." In The Maryland Psychiatric Society: Celebrating 50 Years, pp 36, 42, Maryland Psych. Soc., Baltimore, 2000.


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